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From business phone systems and CRM software integration, to high speed broadband and future-proof network cabling. 

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Chalvington Group is here to help your business succeed through the implementation of intelligent Telecoms and IT solutions…..


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Established for close to 20 years, our award-winning team has been hand-picked to ensure we can provide our clients with the…

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Single User


The ICT that served you well in the early days may no longer be fit for purpose. Let Chalvington solve the challenges that you are facing and deliver a solution that will grown and adapt alongside your business.

Take the next steps in your businesses development by investing in ICT solutions with Chalvington that will drive business, rather than hinder it.

Multi User


When a business extends its people across mutiple sites it faces the risk of operating in silos, and losing the power of real-time communication and collaboration. Close the distance between your people with ICT solutions that make it easier to talk and manage. Take the first step now towards and easier way of communicating, contact us.

Blue Chip


When you are at the top of your game, operating with dated systems or downtime can have catastophic effects on your bottom line and reputation. Stay a head of the curve with reliable technology that works to make you more efficient. Call upon real-time expertise and advice when you need it. Stop settling for mediocre, consider us for your next tender bid and discover a better way of working.

Building long term partnerships with our clients

At Chalvington, we believe that the key to success is long-term, fruitful partnerships with our clients. Every service we provide is tailored specifically to your individual needs, all backed up by our friendly and approachable UK-based team.

We offer a wide range of technical services to businesses of all sizes around the UK, from business mobiles to CCTV solutions.


Cloud Phone Systems

Our Business Phone Systems harness the power of Unified Communications to promote seamless collaboration throughout your business. Embrace digital transformation by moving to our Cloud service. Accessible over the internet from any device, our systems revolutionise remote productivity.

Calls and Lines

As a Tier 1 Provider, we offer the most reliable and cost-effective landlines available. Chalvington’s approach to transparent and accountable customer care guarantees that you’ll always receive the best ongoing advice from a team of UK-based experts.


Chalvington are a specialist provider of superfast broadband, offering speeds in excess of 76Mbs. However, not every business needs the fastest internet connection, so we always recommend the best solution for your business following a free consultation that includes a full speed test ahead of installation, so you know exactly what to expect.


Without a well-designed and professionally installed core network, your business will never be able to make the most of its connectivity. Chalvington’s networking team have many years of experience designing and installing future-proof networks for businesses around the UK.


Choosing the right mobile contract for your business is a nightmare; it seems that there are thousands of options available, but none suit you perfectly. By partnering with EE, O2 and Vodafone, Chalvington’s team can recommend the best network, tariff and devices for your needs.


Cloud-based phone systems really come into their own when integrated with other systems like CRMs. Advanced analytics and call recording modules, desktop apps and CRM integrations help unlock the full potential of your phone system.


The Cloud

We offer a full range of Cloud IT services to businesses. Whether you need a simple remote backup solution or a full-scale Remote Desktop deployment, our expert consultants can help plan and execute a Digital Transformation strategy in your business.

Office 365

Chalvington are a Microsoft Certified Partner, so you know you can trust our advice. Office 365 is a phenomenal service, allowing your staff to use the full suite of Microsoft Office productivity apps from anywhere.

Disaster Recovery

Catastophic data loss is not a pleasant thought, but it’s crucial to plan for any eventuality. Our team works with you to develop a bespoke disaster recovery plan, ensuring your data is protected and accessible no matter what happens.

Wireless Solutions

Poor Wi-Fi connectivity is more than an annoyance; it can massively impact your staff’s productivity and your customers’ satisfaction. Chalvington’s wireless solutions are designed around your premises, guaranteeing strong and reliable coverage everywhere.

IT Support

The team at Chalvington have a huge range of expertise, as you might expect given the breadth of our services. Take advantage of this with an IT Support contract, tailored to your needs for complete peace of mind.



With so much of your work being done either online or over a network, cybersecurity is a priority. Starting with a full audit of your current systems, we can recommend and provide state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions to keep your network protected.


Chalvington combine expertise in Cloud, Networking and IT services to deliver the latest CCTV systems to businesses around the UK. Our massive product range includes app-controlled full-HD IP cameras as well as more specialised solutions like thermal imaging and ANPR.

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