Our combined suite of Cloud communications, IT and security services

Cloud Collaboration

What is Cloud Collaboration?

Cloud Collaboration is Chalvington Group’s combined suite of Cloud communications, IT and security services. Designed to help you succeed in the face of new challenges, Cloud Collaboration embraces flexible and remote working, making all your tools available to all your staff, all the time.

Chalvington are the ideal partner for your digital transformation, with a broad suite of services that help you take advantage of the latest and greatest without sacrificing reliability, customer service or cost-effectiveness.



Our Cloud-based VoIP phone systems extend your office communication platform into your users’ home offices. Smartphone and desktop apps allow you to sign in to your central phone system from anywhere, putting an end to any confusion over how your colleagues and clients can reach you and finally eliminating costly call forwarding charges.

Our Unified Communications systems combine all your existing collaboration tools into one platform. Not only does this platform give your staff access to voice and video calls, instant messaging, file and screen sharing, but it also integrates with a huge range of third-party CRMs. This unlocks powerful features like screen popping, displaying detailed account information of all incoming calls to your staff.

UK GDPR compliant call recording and powerful analytics features complete the picture, giving you and your staff all the tools and oversight you need to successfully work remotely.



New remote and flexible working practices require equally flexible IT services. Migrating to the Cloud enables fully remote IT support by shifting focus away from hardware and towards software and services. Our talented IT engineers have got the tools and expertise to support you and your staff remotely. More than 90% of problems reported to us can be solved over the phone on the first call. For anything else we can make use of remote support sessions to resolve issues.

Chalvington Cloud Collaboration’s commitment to UK GDPR compliance extends to your remote and flexible workforce. Our remote desktop services ensure your staff can access their office devices from anywhere without compromising data integrity. All business and customer data is stored securely in the UK and Northern Europe Cloud datacentres, and is accessed by your staff from their home devices.

Microsoft Office 365 is fast becoming essential for modern business. Office 365’s unique and powerful collaborative editing features resolve the perennial problem of shared project files; how do I know I’m editing the latest version of this file? Office 365 allows your staff to collaborate on projects in real time, updating everyone’s copies with your edits as you make them.



Our Cloud-based physical and cyber security services go hand in hand with our Unified Communications and remote IT support services.

Many businesses have let their CCTV technology fall behind the curve. If it’s been a while since you upgraded your monitoring systems, it’s probably time for another look. The latest CCTV systems like ours can be accessed securely from any internet connection. This gives you the ability to check in with your office cameras when you’re working from home, and can combine camera feeds from multiple sites into one simple smartphone or desktop app.

Our cybersecurity solutions are just as advanced. We partner with Sophos to provide the latest Synchronized Security services to keep you protected. Sophos Synchronized Security links all your cybersecurity services together, sharing threat information to upgrade the protection of every device. Perfect for any business working remotely, Synchronized Security helps protect both your core office network and the devices your staff use from home.


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