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Cloud/Hosted Phone Systems

Digital Transformation

More and more businesses are embracing digital transformation and switching to a cloud phone system. The cloud enables you to handle and manage all internal and external business communications online. This allows you to work from anywhere, and use your system on any device.


Unified communications (UC)

UC sounds simple, but it can be truly transformative. It means consolidating all your business comms into a single location. That allows you to call, text, email, use instant messaging and more from a single system from any device.

The productivity boost can be truly profound. Through screensharing and other tools, it makes collaboration more streamlined. It allows you to view all contact records from the same place instead of jumping between systems. You can use click to call, reducing dialling errors. The sum of all this is to make internal and external communication faster and more efficient. Get in touch to find out how you can use UC through the cloud.


Working from anywhere

You can access cloud systems from anywhere and on any device, enabling you to embrace an increasingly mobile world. Hotdesking becomes a breeze. It’s easy to work from home with full access to all your systems. And if anyone on your team travels a lot, they can still access everything.


Cutting out hardware

There’s no hardware to set up or maintain. With the cloud, you can simply plug in and go. You can also complement your cloud system with various productivity-boosting apps and add-ons, from smart analytics to collaboration tools. It’s scalable too, so that you can expand hassle-free if you need.


Boosting productivity

A full suite of cloud applications provides valuable insights that can truly transform your business. Easily report on busy and quiet periods and gain valuable business information in real-time. Utilise reporting, live analytics and call recording features to build a truly productive team.

Key Features


Modern Handsets


Secure and reliable platform


Unified Communications (UC)


iOS & Android Applications


Presence & Collaboration


Integration into 3rd party applications

Telephony Features


Virtual Receptionist / Auto-attendant


Automatic Call Distribution


Hunt Groups




Voicemail to email


Music on hold

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