Fraud Monitoring

What steps do you take to prevent theft from your business? Burglar alarms and CCTV?

How would you manage if someone stole thousands of pounds from you?

What if the crime was committed away from your site using your office telephones?

What Is This Crime?

Dial-thru telephony, or toll fraud is becoming as big as credit card fraud. It's not a new problem - it just doesn't get much publicity.

By hacking into a telephone system (PBX), most commonly via the voicemail function, the Direct Inward Access System (DISA) or Call Fowarding facility is used to make repeated calls to expensive international destinations. The cost of this has been known to reach in excess of £50,000.00 over the course of a weekend but it's not just telephone systems that are at risk. Though much less common, fraud has also been found to have occurred via the telephone exchange and the use of Call Divert Functions.

How Do You Know If You've Been A Victim?

The first indication that there has been a problem is when the telephone bill comes in. If this is monthly you may know quite quickly, but if it is quarterly just think of the number of calls that could be made before you know something has happened.

Don't Think It Could Happen To You?

In 2010, Chalvington Group experienced an incidence of dial-thru telephony fraud which costs us over £5,000.00, highlighting the ever-growing need for protection and making it very easy for us to decide to add monitoring to our Network as soon as it became available.

You may find this article on the BBC website to be of use.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

Measures such as regularly changed voicemail passcodes are an easy way to make your system safer, as are workable restrictions to permitted dialling destinations and set times during which the system will allow outgoing call traffic, but these are not all infallible. Passcodes can be cracked using special software and with businesses operating at all hours of the day and in some cases night, barring or restricting activity is not always convenient or even possible.

What We Do To Help

At Chalvington Group we protect ALL of our customers via Fraud Monitoring Services, which we apply to every telephone number (CLI) which is live with us. By observing network activity, we are alerted to excessive numbers of calls made over a short period of time, looking for connections to high cost numbers of foreign destinations.

Once the set limit has been breached, an automatic cut off is activated along with a cap on the maximum amount the customer is liable for should they suffer an attack. Full details of the limits, terms and conditions related to this service can be found by clicking here.

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