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Security and Antivirus

Prevention is the key when it comes to protecting your computers and your network from the array of viruses, spyware and malware all trying to find a way into your business. With a range of products to suit every need we can keep you armed and up to date in your systems defences.

Infection is a potential nightmare, if your computer is running at a fraction of its original speed, is bogged down with popup ads or strange messages then the chances are that it is already affected. Chalvington offer a fast on-site or remote clean-up service of virus, spyware and malware contaminations, and can give you valuable independent advice on how to reduce the chances of future problems.

Is your computer network secure from the threat of both external and internal breaches? We can advise and implement the most suitable way to protect the confidentiality of your information via solutions such as firewalls, controlled access and encryption which are becoming increasingly important with the use of so many portable devices such as laptops and USB sticks. Would your data be protected if it went missing?

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