Call Logging

Call Logging and Recording

Quality control and training are just two of the reasons why features such as Call Logging and Recording should be a part of your Telecoms Solution. Add to this the requirements of various industry regulations and the ability to track, manage, and where necessary to charge for call traffic, these features are worth more than just consideration.

Already compulsory in a number of industries, Call Recording is a simple and efficient way to store information and provide clarification of the content of verbal dialogue. From aiding in the development of your workforce to protecting your staff and your company, this handy tool could be the difference between being right and wrong.

Call Logging is a valuable tool in the measuring of productivity and levels of incoming and outgoing call traffic - for example Customer Service and Contact Departments and for gauging the success of advertising campaigns. For those providing telephone access to third parties such as hotels, serviced offices, and nursing/care homes Call Logging is fundamental in invoicing for their use, ensuring maximum benefit for minimum effort.

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