Keep Calm It's A Decade Away

Three Reasons Not To Panic About The End of ISDN

The scaremongering has started... providers the length and breadth of the country are wheeling out their grim reaper images and setting up the tombstones. ISDN is being retired and the end is nigh...

Except it isn't.

ISDN is officially being retired in 2025.

In a decade.

Here's why it really isn't time to hit the panic button...

  1. If you are only using analogue lines you won't be affected

    There are lots of small businesses and home-based companies that run perfectly well on analogue lines. They may well want to increase the features available to them as they grow but there are plenty of cost-effective options, including analogue systems, SIP and hosted VoIP.

  2. Most telephone systems have a life span of at least five years

    Despite this it's still highly unlikely you will be using the same equipment a decade from now. If what you have works for you and is economically sound for your business, we recommend concentrating on things that will make a difference now, like getting the best broadband connection available to you and making sure you aren't paying over the odds for other services such as your current lines, business mobiles, support agreements and of course energy.

  3. VoIP and SIP solutions are reliant on an internet connection

    The government is investing over £1 billion in improving the UK's broadband and mobile infrastructure, for which the targets include:
  • Provide superfast broadband coverage to 90% of the UK by 2016
  • Provide basic broadband (2Mbps) for all by 2016
  • Provide superfast broadband to 95% of the UK by 2017
  • Explore options to get near universal superfast broadband coverage across the UK by 2018
  • Improve mobile coverage in remote areas by 2016


For businesses that these improvements haven't yet reached, or are without access to an assured connection, moving away from ISDN is not an advisable course of action.

While we don't recommend running for the hills screaming at this point, for those who need more from their telecoms and want to take advantage of free calls to UK Landlines and mobiles, VoIP and SIP solutions are definitely worth exploring.

Compared with ISDN, IP platforms offer a raft of benefits including outstanding flexibility, superior resiliency, and reduced cost. At Chalvington Group we have a team of experts who can answer all your questions and even provide you with a no obligation suitability assessment free of charge.

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